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According to Consumer Reports, over 41% of weather-related accidents occur on roads that are slushy, icy, or snow- or sleet-covered, so it’s definitely helpful to be driving an All-Wheel Drive (AWD) this winter. However all too many drivers over-estimate what AWD can do when winter precipitation descends. These are the drivers that go zooming along the highway in a snowstorm. They don’t understand that while AWD excels in taking a car from a dead stop where serious traction is needed, such as on slick surfaces, it does little when it comes to braking or steering in such conditions. In fact, more than one driver has found the hard way that AWD doesn’t always come to the rescue when heading into a sudden sharp snow-covered curve. What will help is a set of winter tires. While most people think snow tires are only needed in front or rear wheel drive cars, they might be surprised to find that, in places that get frequent snow storms like our territory here at Brookdale Buick,  a set of winter tires can make a capable AWD vehicle even more capable.

How does car wrapping work?

Car wrapping is the new means by which auto owners can get a new paint job to restore their vehicle’s original color all while preserving and reintegrating the bonding strength of the original paint. It’s a highly effective method that is quite and is just what its name implies: It literally is, as the name sounds, “wrapping your car” in a new pain that it’s going to carry moving forward. It’s not permanent, of course, meaning that you can always have the work undone or simply get a different type of wrap later applied to the vehicle.

Now, how does this work, then? What is the process? What kind of elements get used here? Some good questions here….

First of all, decals or big vinyl graphics are used. These fall right on the original paint. They’re left there for some time and then removed and — voila — new paint!


3126813969: What is it? How does it work? Who is it for, and why should I consider this service on my car?

Well, for starters, think of a large, vinyl wrap. Think of a decal, even. Now, think of applying one or the other right over your car so as to cover its original paint. Get the picture. Now, why do people do this?

The wrap applied is special, not like anything else seen or used before. It’s designed to especially change the appearance of the car, while it’s on, while also returning it back to its former, prime condition after the wrap is removed. Think of it as a short, highly effective “new paint job” — the wrap goes on, you leave it on for a while, and then the wrap comes off.

It’s a simple process that will not damage the car. And the paint’s preserved. Win-win!

2018 Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV An Affordable Hybrid

The 2018 Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV is an affordable plug in SUV for families and individuals. It brings buyers savings on fuel that many other manufacturers that make SUV’s do not bring. This five seat car has 2.0 liter battery that has a generator battery and twin electric motors.  This SUV operates in three different driving modes on the road. They are the EV Drive Mode, Series Hybrid Mode or Parallel Hybrid Mode. They driving modes work together along with its 4 cylinder engine. With just the electric battery the SUV goes about 22 miles. Using both oil and electric, it gets up to 75 miles per gallon. It has a B-Mode that extends its driving range. The infotainment system has Apple CarPlay an Android Auto and a 7 inch touch screen. It has plenty of cargo room for shopping and travel. Stop by Brookdale Mitsubishi to test drive the 2018 Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV at by filling out the  online form or calling our sales department at 866-610-6242 today.

Your New or Pre-Owned Vehicle is Waiting at Brookdale Buick

You’re ready to get a car, but should you buy it new or pre-owned? Take a look at the facts before you make your final decision. If you’re buying a new car, count on depreciation. Did you know by the time you drive off the dealership lot, your car’s value will depreciate by as much as 20 percent? Don’t worry, you will not notice the instant drop in value unless you want to sell it in the future. If you invest in a pre-owned car, the car’s depreciation value is less than a new car’s value. There are a lot of stigmas associated with pre-owned cars. They are reliable and drive as well as new cars. One primary difference between new and pre-owned vehicles is the mileage and insurance premiums. A new car will have fewer miles, but a pre-owned car will have lower insurance premiums. Visit (775) 758-0934 today to get your new vehicle whether you prefer a new or pre-owned car!

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9139570663 asks, “What can you do when your auto dealer has stabbed you in the back and is now implementing the full terms of the lease you have just signed, and in a manner that is not beneficial to you as the lease holder?” This happens so often, believe it or not, and that is why the experts at our dealership always suggest you start with READING THE FINE PRINT CAREFULLY. Never sign anything you do not know about or need further explanation on. Our sales team, for one, is very committed to continually asking of each its new customers to take their time and even take home an agreement copy before their signature.

Because, let’s face it. Once the ink hits the paper and dries on it, there is no more that can be said or done. You’d simply have to carry out the contract to its end.

Minneapolis FIAT Has Your Next Lease or New Car

If you are undecided whether to lease or buy your car outright, come down to our Minneapolis FIAT dealership for a look at our current inventory. This is the best way to determine the car that’s right for you no matter what your financing plan is. Then, sit down and chat with the experts in our finance department to run the numbers and see what works best for you economically.

Some leases require less money up front and that may be important to you, or you may want to own your car as a matter of choice. Lease a Minneapolis FIAT for the freedom to reevaluate your car choice in a few years, or buy a new FIAT and enjoy months or years free of a car payment once you pay it off. The choice is yours, let us help.

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Brookdale Volkswagen knows that, when it’s time to check fluids, it’s time to check fluids: And gratefully, the lease terms we provide offer full service checks of this kind and so much more, but that’s a story for another time. Here, we merely wish to impart some practical, user friendly advice on — you guessed it — getting those fluids checked. So let’s jump in….

First of all, if you see or hear a flashing, blinking light and the noise accompanied by it —-  a feature now incorporated in almost every kind of vehicle today —- you can no longer ignore it. That is one of your warning signs, and it will usually say something like “refill fluids” or “engine oil low”, etc. in bright letters. When this happens. determine whether you need more windshield wipe, engine oil, engine antifreeze coolant, or something else. Check all fluid levels regularly, too.

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Cars these days have digital and satellite radios. If you have an older car, you have an antenna that sticks out of it. It gives you clearer stations on your radio based on where you live. When pushed down, you will mostly get static, white noise, and dead air. If it gets broken, say goodbye to your reception. St. Cloud Honda says that protecting your antenna is just as important protecting the rest of your car. When there is a serious storm such as a hurricane, push down the antenna to keep it in tact. It also helps to push it down when you are going through the car wash. You do not want to it to get broken as you drive through. St. Cloud Honda knows that it all seems much, but it will save you so much money and sanity in the long run.


So, you’re out of college! You’ve graduated, and your life is about to change in many ways. But first and foremost, you will need reliable transportation for job interviews and to get to and from work. That’s where 916-537-6935 comes in. With a special program just for recent college graduates, it is now easier for grads to get that transportation that is so needed. Competitive rates on new-car financing and leases help grads who are just starting out in their professions. A deferment of the first payment is also available. A small down payment also makes the process easier. And, buying or leasing your car helps to build that all-important credit rating as you’re beginning your financial life.